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Our impact

ACBF is a leading organisation in delivering nature positive change through research, advocacy and convening. Through our leadership and expertise, we have supported communities, industry, businesses and governments in reforming policies and practices that not only avoid further degradation of biodiversity and our environment but support the restoration and regeneration of native forests, which play a vital role in reducing Australia’s carbon emissions. 

A key function of ACBF is our capacity to bring together experts, leaders, and decision makers from a variety of fields, facilitate discussion, identify real and innovative solutions and work together to ensure adoption. 

Research and advocacy 
We identify and act on opportunities to engage with governments, peak bodies and other decision makers to fight for reform through research and advocacy, which will lead to systemic change.

Funding and supporting 
ACBF supports and invests in the work of allied organisations with shared missions to protect and preserve Australia’s native forests, including the rich biodiversity that depends on them and assisting the communities which interact with our forests.

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A new future for Australia's forests