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A new approach to managing Australia’s forests 

With more than half of Australia’s native forests having disappeared and that which remains declining at an alarming rate, we need a new approach that establishes an innovative relationship with our forests to protect and restore our native forests for future generations. This must recognise the multiple values of the forests and the needs of different sections of society in protecting, utilising and benefiting from a new approach.  

Through collaboration, we are establishing new opportunities for protecting, managing and generating income from our forests. Building awareness of these options, providing guidance on the steps needed to realise opportunities, and convening practical collaboration between communities, business, governments and experts  make it possible to deliver a new approach to managing Australia’s forests. Learning lessons from the past – including moving on from ideological battles and the orthodoxies of what is possible – opens a new set of options. 

Our approach to change seeks to understand and overcome the systemic forces that pose threats to biodiversity and which have prevented new opportunities from flourishing. We believe that when governments, businesses, industries, local communities and workers, philanthropy, and the environment movement work together to advocate to protect and restore native forests, we can achieve critical positive outcomes for Australia; a more stable climate, biodiversity that is protected and restored and new economic opportunities underpinning flourishing communities.

Action is urgent, given the threats to our forests, the opportunities for our regional areas, and the live interest in reform from governments and business. If this opportunity is taken, the outcomes are significant for many Australians. We recognise that for change to be accepted and durable it must deliver tangible benefits to local communities by creating new economic opportunities and lasting community benefits. 

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A new future for Australia's forests