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About us

We are a highly focused, mission-driven organisation advocating for the rapid protection and restoration of Australia’s native forests at scale from key threats such as logging and land clearing.

Our approach

We are guided by the knowledge and lived experience that sustainable change can only come from changing market behaviour, combined with political leadership. If transformation is to last, we must transform the systems that influence all industry players.

We are driven to urgent impact through pragmatism. As a small and very experienced, mission-driven organisation, we identify and create opportunities for impact – and do it ourselves or find someone who will.


Our projects

We are delivering our strategy by playing to our strengths through our ability to influence decision- makers, convene and support key experts and leaders, fill knowledge gaps and by providing funding and other support to our allies and partners.

We are working with government, the private sector, research and activist groups, and individuals to create lasting change.


Our people

Our backbone organisation structure brings together leaders from conservation, economics, forestry, infrastructure, academia, technology, land management and activism.


Our impact

We have a unique capacity for direct cause and effect. Unlike many other organisations, we are so close to the impact that we can see it being made. Our work is in perpetual development. We track the outcomes of our activities and reflect on how we achieved them, evolving our practice by embedding what we learn. We are nimble and can change direction at pace as external opportunities arise.